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Players of TDTTA (601 Players)

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Player Player ID  Gender   Date of Birth   Club   ELN 
Aarush Shah549M26-Mar-2010Officers Club403297
Aarushi Pradeep Naik958F10-Oct-2011Bomi Amalsadvala Table Tennis Academy405751
Acharekar Seva565F25-Jun-2001Saraswati KS TT Academy403393
Adhikari Saee445F19-Mar-2011Boosters Academy402673
Adhil Gupta653M09-Nov-2005Officers Club403921
Aditya Gondhalekar612M22-Aug-2008Officers Club403675
Agarwal Paridhi176F13-Dec-2006Boosters Academy401059
Agashe Archis239M02-Mar-2007Adarsh VPS TT Academy401437
Ajay Dixit437M27-Oct-1975Shri Saraswati TT Academy402625
Ajey Belsare303M26-Dec-1988Saraswati KS TT Academy401821
Ajgaonkar Aniket523M29-Jan-2011Aspirants Table Tennis Academy403141
Ajgaonkar Pranil Utkarsh968M10-Nov-2012Kalyan Mahila Mandal405811
Akash Rai489M07-Feb-2006Bomi Amalsadvala Table Tennis Academy402937
Akram Mohd801M03-Oct-1989Table Tennis Club Palava404809
Akshad Londhe488M04-Sep-2005Bomi Amalsadvala Table Tennis Academy402931
Amarpreet Singh950M25-Mar-1980Table Tennis Club Palava405703
Ambavane Sahil Rajesh716M02-Mar-2008Youngsters Kalyan TT Club404299
Ambekar Sanish19M26-May-1997Boosters Academy400117
Amit Salgaonakar847M21-Sep-1983Seed Table Tennis Academy405085
Amrute Shruti20F12-Jan-1999Adarsh VPS TT Academy400123
Anegundi Ronit308M30-Jan-2006Father Agnel TT Club401851
Ankalkoti Vinayak795M30-Nov-1988Table Tennis Club Palava404773
Anup Ketkar848M06-Aug-1967Seed Table Tennis Academy405091
Apte Bhairavi347F01-Jan-1997New TT Club402085
Arnav Gopal Pendrekar491M28-Nov-2008Hiranandani TT Club402949
Ashutosh Ranade843M08-Dec-1973Seed Table Tennis Academy405061
Athanikar Swastik324M22-Jan-2007Father Agnel TT Club401947
Atre Aayush327M25-Feb-2004Hiranandani TT Club401965
Ayush Gopal554M13-Aug-2008Officers Club403327

Note for TT players - If any one of you do not find your name in the list or any correction required, please contact your TT Club.
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