Thane District Table Tennis Association (T.D.T.T.A.)
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Players of TDTTA (638 Players)

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Player Player ID  Gender   Date of Birth   Club   ELN 
Tambe Girish70M16-Sep-1986Dombivli Gymkhana400423
Tamhane Avi872M20-Oct-2011Pinnacle Club405235
Tankkar Asmi869F16-Nov-2009G.E.I.'s Sports Academy405217
Tanmay Jaydeep Chaterjee720M09-Aug-2007Adarsh VPS TT Academy404323
Tanush Mahendra Jadhav592M11-Jul-2005Aspirants Table Tennis Academy403555
Taparia Vedika314F13-Nov-2004Racqueteers Table Tennis Academy401887
Taraporewalla Zubin55M25-Sep-1991Booster Academy400333
Tarde Atharva930M01-May-2010Racqueteers Table Tennis Academy405583
Tarde Devashree579F07-Mar-2007Pinnacle Club403477
Tatke Eashan684M21-Apr-2007Aspirants Table Tennis Academy404107
Tatke Eshan583M21-Apr-2007Saraswati KS TT Academy403501
Tawade Aditya302M01-Jan-1970Dombivli Gymkhana401815
Tawrija Kulkarni615F19-Jun-2009Officers Club403693
Tejas Ashoutush Mannur435M29-May-2007Shri Saraswati TT Academy402613
Tembe Gopal459M09-Dec-1958Table Tennis Club Palava402757
Thakkar Dev562M05-Jan-2009Pinnacle Club403375
Thakkar Khushi895F10-Sep-2011Pinnacle Club405373
Thakkar Sachin730M06-Nov-1976Siddhachal TT World404383
Thakkar Samit286M16-Sep-2005J-Professional Table Tennis Academy401719
Thakkar Veer383M11-Jul-2007Pinnacle Club402301
Thanekar Nimish217M29-May-1999Saraswati KS TT Academy401305
Thorat Anvi751F18-Apr-2010Father Agnel TT Club404509
Todankar Atharva651M20-Feb-2001Pinnacle Club403909
Trilok Prabhune870M25-Apr-1981Father Agnel TT Club405223

Note for TT players - If any one of you do not find your name in the list or any correction required, please contact your TT Club.
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