Thane District Table Tennis Association (T.D.T.T.A.)
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Players of TDTTA (621 Players)

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Player Player ID  Gender   Date of Birth   Club   ELN 
Badbade Pushkaraj922M05-Jan-1988Table Tennis Club Palava405535
Bahua Aayush Mulchand808M03-Jan-2004Vector TT Academy404851
Bairagi Shubham245M08-Jan-2007Bomi Amalsadvala Table Tennis Academy401473
Bamhne Nidhi Vilas719F24-May-2005Youngsters Kalyan TT Club404317
Barai Shourya93M31-Jan-2006Racqueteers Table Tennis Academy400561
Barai Tanishka970F12-Sep-2008Kalyan Mahila Mandal405823
Batham Tanishq534M23-May-2005Father Agnel TT Club403207
Bauva Jinansh759M20-Apr-2006Racqueteers Table Tennis Academy404557
Bauva Kimaya642F21-Jan-2008Pro T.T. Academy403855
Bauva Pratiyush648M07-May-2009ACE Table Tennis Club403891
Bauva Saanvika820F10-Apr-2010Pro T.T. Academy404923
Belwale Neev944M11-Nov-2007Aspirants Table Tennis Academy405667
Bendkoli Siddhi Khandu711F27-Sep-2006Youngsters Kalyan TT Club404269
Bhagwat Sakshi164F05-Mar-2004Arya Krida Mandal400987
Bhagwat Sakshi643F05-Mar-2004Racqueteers Table Tennis Academy403861
Bhalerao Amogh581M29-Sep-2007Saraswati KS TT Academy403489
Bhanushali Parth836M28-Sep-2011Boosters Academy405019
Bharambe Nehal Lalit714F04-Mar-2005Youngsters Kalyan TT Club404287
Bhat Jeetendra726M17-Mar-1980Siddhachal TT World404359
Bhat Shreyas77M29-Aug-2008Royal Table Tennis Academy400465
Bhat Shubha22F30-Jul-2007ACE Table Tennis Club400135
Bhatt Kavya661F12-Sep-2009Father Agnel TT Club403969
Bhatt Nitin729M16-Nov-1972Siddhachal TT World404377
Bhatye Neel Hemant990M26-Nov-2009Pinnacle Club405943
Bheda Ankur264M17-Feb-1985Lakshya Sports Club401587
Bhide Arush582M23-Feb-2007Saraswati KS TT Academy403495
Bhide Prasad64M18-Sep-1991Dombivli Gymkhana400387
Bhide Rashi619F15-Aug-2010Pinnacle Club403717
Bhide Shubham Mandar712M10-Sep-2001Youngsters Kalyan TT Club404275
Bhole Aditya177M06-Apr-2008Officers Club401065
Bhoota Riana475F25-May-2010Pro T.T. Academy402853
Bhosale Parth863M28-Jan-2008G.E.I.'s Sports Academy405181
Bhosale Prachi34F07-Feb-1997Boosters Academy400207
Bhosale Siya561F22-Mar-2008Pinnacle Club403369
Bhowmick Ayan1005M24-Jul-2010Lodha Luxuria Club406033
Bilaye Harshad184M27-May-1992Adarsh VPS TT Academy401107
Bisht Shashank207M13-Sep-1989Father Agnel TT Club401245
Bose Sucheta1008F24-Apr-1987Pinnacle Club406051

Note for TT players - If any one of you do not find your name in the list or any correction required, please contact your TT Club.
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