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Players of TDTTA (645 Players)

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Player Player ID  Gender   Date of Birth   Club   ELN 
M Bharat63M13-Feb-1988Dombivli Gymkhana400381
Madhur Hrithika664F15-Sep-2009Father Agnel TT Club403987
Madhur Saraf610M19-Aug-2009Officers Club403663
Mahajan Atharva683M05-May-2005Aspirants Table Tennis Academy404101
Mahajan Madhura215F30-Jun-2006Pinnacle Club401293
Mahajan Siddharth214M16-Nov-2001Pinnacle Club401287
Mahajan Tanish672M02-Oct-2008Pinnacle Club404035
Mahajan Vibhav838M28-Jan-2009Booster Academy405031
Mahapatra Ayush767M01-Dec-2004Vasant Vihar Club404605
Maheshwari Dhruv732M13-Oct-2011Table Tennis Club Palava404395
Mahimkar Aymaan943M01-Aug-2007Aspirants Table Tennis Academy405661
Mainde Divyanshu658M09-Nov-2009Father Agnel TT Club403951
Mamania Reeya707F01-Jan-2004Table Tennis Club Palava404245
Manasvi Rajesh858F12-Aug-2011Royal Table Tennis Academy405151
Mandar Ganesh Idekar386M28-Apr-1986Aspirants Table Tennis Academy402319
Manjiri Dike320F11-Aug-1997Pro T.T. Academy401923
Manohar Pranjali39F28-Jul-2003Officers Club400237
Manoj Shubhank734M23-Feb-2004Table Tennis Club Palava404407
Manthan Bawaskar909M06-Feb-2008Dombivli Gymkhana405457
Marathe Aniruddha72M28-May-1999Pro T.T. Academy400435
Marathe Tarajani236M22-May-2008Adarsh VPS TT Academy401419
Maru Shuchi495F22-Nov-2001Pinnacle Club402973
Mayank A Mhatre547M20-Jun-2007Officers Club403285
Medhekar Leena216F19-May-1976Officers Club401299
Melangi Pranaydeep919M28-Sep-2010Table Tennis Club Palava405517
Menezes Bohdan874M18-Nov-2011Pinnacle Club405247
Menezes Brynelle873F16-Feb-2008Pinnacle Club405241
Menon Roshan538M21-Dec-2000Pinnacle Club403231
Misar Ajay772M09-Dec-1979Saraswati KS TT Academy404635
Mitra Neekhilesh599M21-Jun-2005Dombivli Gymkhana403597
Mittal Kshitij924M21-Oct-2006Father Agnel TT Club405547
Modak Arnav817M01-Feb-2007Aspirants Table Tennis Academy404905
Mogare Sushma540F01-Mar-1972Saraswati KS TT Academy403243
Mohan Akshay788M05-Sep-2003Vasant Vihar Club404731
Moideen Zaref Yusuf625M27-Jan-2009Royal Table Tennis Academy403753
Monica Vinay Kelkar915F14-Jul-2006Kalyan Table Tennis Foundation405493
Moolrajani Bhavika8F23-Sep-2004Officers Club400051
More Roopali S.474F02-Jun-1973Table Tennis Club Palava402847
Morker Sairaj Anilkumar689M21-Jan-2009Royal Table Tennis Academy404137
Mudaliar Natarajan Kandhanswamy880M17-Sep-2007Royal Table Tennis Academy405283
Mudaliar Devraj Kandhanswamy688M02-Mar-2009Royal Table Tennis Academy404131
Mude Sharva834M04-Feb-2012Pinnacle Club405007
Mukherjee Debajeet541M26-Jun-1970Saraswati KS TT Academy403249
Mukherjee Diptanshu392M26-Sep-2007Racqueteers Table Tennis Academy402355
Mukherjee Sarang355M20-Jul-2004Aspirants Table Tennis Academy402133
Murbadkar Jagruti149F19-May-1995Booster Academy400897

Note for TT players - If any one of you do not find your name in the list or any correction required, please contact your TT Club.
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