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Players of TDTTA (638 Players)

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Player Player ID  Gender   Date of Birth   Club   ELN 
P V Sagar Siddhartha912M14-Jan-2006Father Agnel TT Club405475
Padhy Navneet696M24-May-2005Table Tennis Club Palava404179
Pal Atharva76M05-May-2005Royal Table Tennis Academy400459
Pal Avani Jayant506F12-Sep-2009Royal Table Tennis Academy403039
Palencheri Chaitra829F23-Apr-2009Father Agnel TT Club404977
Panchangam Gaurav123M13-Apr-2007Father Agnel TT Club400741
Pande Siddhesh18M31-Jan-1998Booster Academy400111
Pandey Khyati41F05-Sep-2006Vasant Vihar Club400249
Pandey Pramod208M09-Jan-1988Father Agnel TT Club401251
Pandhare Riddhi564F27-May-2004Saraswati KS TT Academy403387
Pandit Dhaval692M13-Aug-2008New TT Club404155
Pankaj Kadoo953M17-Jan-1974Seed Table Tennis Academy405721
Parab Parth893M09-Jan-2007Pinnacle Club405361
Parab Shivam699M15-Sep-2009Table Tennis Club Palava404197
Paradkar Neena901F27-Dec-1989Father Agnel TT Club405409
Parashar Kartik Sameer626M10-Sep-2007Royal Table Tennis Academy403759
Pardiwalla Mahzarin673F11-Jun-1997Vasant Vihar Club404041
Parkar Prathmesh105M15-Oct-2001Officers Club400633
Parkhi Aryaman296M28-Mar-2001Pinnacle Club401779
Parmeshwaran Saumya145F15-Oct-2004Vasant Vihar Club400873
Parth Karmarkar611M10-Mar-2009Officers Club403669
Parth R.d.bhosale440M28-Jan-2008Shri Saraswati TT Academy402643
Pasi Sameeksha81F09-Nov-2006Royal Table Tennis Academy400489
Patange Aditya571M16-Jul-1996Saraswati KS TT Academy403429
Patel Animesh291M08-Nov-1981Father Agnel TT Club401749
Patel Dinesh151M08-Oct-2003Bomi Amalsadvala Table Tennis Academy400909
Patel Heet Hiren713M26-Apr-2007Youngsters Kalyan TT Club404281
Patil Aarush786M15-May-2009Pinnacle Club404719
Patil Aditya878M12-Nov-2008Bomi Amalsadvala Table Tennis Academy405271
Patil Aditya Pritam721M26-Sep-2005Youngsters Kalyan TT Club404329
Patil Ajaysingh122M01-Jun-1999Father Agnel TT Club400735
Patil Anoushka631F22-May-2008Pinnacle Club403789
Patil Atharv Dipak737M10-Apr-2010Royal Table Tennis Academy404425
Patil Deepit118M25-May-2003Father Agnel TT Club400711
Patil Kush691M25-Sep-2009Aspirants Table Tennis Academy404149
Patil Om945M09-Dec-2007Aspirants Table Tennis Academy405673
Patil Pratik249M18-Dec-2003Bomi Amalsadvala Table Tennis Academy401497
Patil Rudra578M30-Oct-2006Officers Club403471
Patil Snehal73F29-May-2000Royal Table Tennis Academy400441
Patil Varad210M16-Aug-2005Adarsh VPS TT Academy401263
Patil Viren842M18-Sep-2011Pro T.T. Academy405055
Pattekar Nilay443M18-Apr-2011Booster Academy402661
Pattekar Siya321F06-May-2006Booster Academy401929
Patwardhan Pushkar167M10-Oct-2003Arya Krida Mandal401005
Pawaskar Aditya644M19-Dec-2007Racqueteers Table Tennis Academy403867
Pawaskar Varad Sanjay782M14-Jun-2006Aspirants Table Tennis Academy404695
Pedamkar Sushant84M12-Apr-1991Pro T.T. Academy400507
Pendharkar Akhilesh575M18-Jul-1978Table Tennis Club Palava403453
Pendse Sachin328M15-Jan-1977Hiranandani TT Club401971
Pendse Savni168F05-Mar-2001Pinnacle Club401011
Pendse Tanish318M14-Jun-2009Booster Academy401911
Phadke Surabhi784F22-Jan-2010Pinnacle Club404707
Phatak Maithili811F25-Feb-2005Saraswati KS TT Academy404869
Phogat Ashish539M23-Jan-1990Saraswati KS TT Academy403237
Pisat Mugdha650F15-Jan-2009Pinnacle Club403903
Pise Prashant290M18-Jul-1974Siddhachal TT World401743
Pisharody Anugraha779F20-Nov-2010Pinnacle Club404677
Pohnerkar Atharva476M11-Nov-2008Pro T.T. Academy402859
Ponde Sushant929M13-Jan-1985Saraswati KS TT Academy405577
Pooja Balgujar936F21-Jun-1982Hiranandani TT Club405619
Poojari Veeraj787M20-Nov-2002Pinnacle Club404725
Potdar Atharva694M30-Oct-2007New TT Club404167
Prabhu Akshat394M08-May-2007Pinnacle Club402367
Prabhune Aditi710F09-Nov-2007Father Agnel TT Club404263
Prachi Suresh Vaghela748F11-Oct-2007Hiranandani TT Club404491
Pradhan Mandar69M19-Oct-1987Dombivli Gymkhana400417
Pradhan Sayali875F27-May-2008Pinnacle Club405253
Praful Teli849M18-May-1977Seed Table Tennis Academy405097
Prashant Dohare501M04-Aug-2002Bomi Amalsadvala Table Tennis Academy403009
Pratap Tripurari932M06-Apr-1981Table Tennis Club Palava405595
Pratham Mahesh Hariani594M16-Jul-2002Aspirants Table Tennis Academy403567
Pravin Bhatt879M11-May-1976Father Agnel TT Club405277
Pravin Desai851M20-Jan-1971Seed Table Tennis Academy405109
Preet Ketan Pagariya387M23-Jul-2004Aspirants Table Tennis Academy402325
Priyanka Gupte469F02-Jun-2007Vasant Vihar Club402817
Priyansh Hiren Parikh602M27-Sep-2003Hiranandani TT Club403615
Prusty Nabakishore921M07-Jul-1982Table Tennis Club Palava405529
Purandare Ishanvi43F28-Nov-2004Vasant Vihar Club400261
Puranik Sanvi861F18-Apr-2011Racqueteers Table Tennis Academy405169
Puri Agam908M19-Jul-2005Father Agnel TT Club405451
Purva Bhide762F22-Jul-2002Aspirants Table Tennis Academy404575

Note for TT players - If any one of you do not find your name in the list or any correction required, please contact your TT Club.
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